Download Kingroot 5.1 apk and how to use it

Download Kingroot 5.1 apk and how to use it

Kingroot 5.1 apk| We all know that since 2008 until today, Android OS is always update their System, It was also influential in the development of root app for android. One of the popular root tool today is Kingroot (most searched). Kingroot is a free root tool that can be used to open the administrator/superuser access of the Android devices. The good news about Kingroot is that this tool is also compatible with large amount of Android phone models (smartphone and tablet).

Kingroot was released in two version, first, exe file for PC/Desktop version, and the second, apk file for Android OS. This tool is not available in Playstore, so if you want to use this tool, you can go to the official website of or get it from the third party source, like this page. many users use this tool to root their devices, because kingroot  offer an easy way to root, and fast rooting if it compare with another similar tool.

Unique Features of Kingroot 5.1.1

1. Root with One Tap
with this feature, we might root our devices faster, because it does not need a complicated steps just like if we root with flash tool. This tool also work on Android 4.4 until Android 6.0, so if you have any device, you can try to use this tool.

2. Purify App
After we have root our device successfully, we will be able to see an app that called Purify. this app is a root app manager, you can remove any unwanted app, block app, clean spam etc with this app.

3. Up to date
Kingroot team developer often perform update app every month, there's always the latest version update. this is done by the developer, so that kingroot can support the latest android phone models, and adding some features that did not exist in the previous versions.

4. High success rate
Kingroot claim that the have 98.2% success rate from the all android phone model that use kingroot to root android.  this percentage is very high.

5. Support Large Number Android Phone
kingroot app has the largest number of the Android phone models, this tool can discover around 104.135 models of Android phone. The number is the highest than another similar app.

Something to remember
1. by rooting your devices, you will lose your warranty
2. by rooting, your devices may harm/brick, you must do it by your own risk. We didn't take any responsibilities about error that caused by following this tutorial

Download Kingroot 5.1.1 apk

New Version v5.2.1 here

How to use Kingroot Android App

  • Download the app from the link above.
  • Open it and then install it to your devices, your devices might block this app with a security reason, just allow installation, and install anyway. until the installation process done.
  • Open the Kingroot app, but before we start to root your device, make sure you have a internet connection (Data or Wifi). the internet connection will be needed to find the best strategy to root your devices, kingroot will contact database and apply it to your devices.
  • Tap on Start Root button to start rooting, the process is fast, you will get the result soon, about 2 - 5 minutes or more.
  • If kingroot support with your devices models, you will be able to see "Rooted" on your screen, its mean that you have root your android succesfully.
  • To make sre that your devices is really rooted, you can check it by using an app called Root Checker, you can download it here. but if its fail, you can try another alternatif.