Best Free Texting Apps for Android 2015 Download The Apk File

Best Free Texting Apps for Android 2015 Download The Apk File

What is the best free text messaging apps for andriod now ?
There are some of good text messaging app on Google Play Store, but just be carefull before you download any text messaging apps, because there are some apps that incorporate SMS. In Google Play Store you can see many options that you can choose as your text messaging app on your android devices.

In this post, I will try to give the best texting apps, Of course, we all know that our devices bring with the default SMS.MMS, IM app, I will try to write the best alternative for your standard messaging app with the best features such as different designs elements, additional function etc. So after you read this post, you can replace your SMS apps with one of the option below.

The text apps mention below will handle your regular messaging, it means, you can use these apps without requiring you and your friend to use the same platform on your devices. The best alternative of text messaging apps listed here is based on the user review on the Google Play store, so you no need to worry, because the apps listed below was be using by many Android users.

Best Free Texting Apps for Android



Textra is on of the best and free texting apps on android, Textra SMS has a good look, this app use Material Design on it, so it will be more simple, clean, elegant, and look nice. You can customize Textra on the personalize setting, you can select you color themes, auto save videos and images to your storage, request delivery reports etc. 

2. Hi SMS

If you notices, Hi Sms is just like a Gmail interfaces, Hi SMS has a pretty simple UI with a good features, This app is also can handle MMS, You can use Hi SMS to replace your default Text messaging apps. You can make a conversation with your friend quickly through a tabs on the side. Hi SMS could be the fastest and best SMS apps for your Android devices.

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Chomp allow you to create your own unique look or you can choose about 100 of free themes/skins available. Chomp is become the best alternative of texting apps because this app have a some good features like Chomp SMS have more than 800 emocis, privacy option, scheduled SMS, Backup, Blacklisting, etc. with all of the features, you can replace you default messaging apps with this one to get better and more features. Chomp is also can handle MMS.

4. Evolve SMS

EnvolveSMS is a great text messaging alternative for your phone, it allows you to make a conversation with your friend fun and easy. You also can change the color theme, Envolve is also support with Smartwatch, if you have android wear, it will be more interesting to use this app. Good and easy user interface is also be plus poin to this apps.


Handcent SMS is the most customable Text messaging apps, The new user interface is better, faster and cleaner. you can use Handcent on your devices like PC, tablets, and the smartphone. Handcent has some good features, such as, ultimate customization, private box, SMS backup, Emoji, etc.

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Go SMS Pro, free with more than 100 million users using this texting apps, Go SMS pro is one of the best text messaging app to replace the default apps, with the beautifull themes, sticker, private box, make this apps more perfect, Go SMS pro is also support dual SIM Text Messages, the new version of GO SMS Pro is faster, safe, and hava a lot of features. so you can use this app on your android devices

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Basic text messaging apps will be more boring that give you a basic package, you should replace it with another apps that have more features to get better experience. So just try it your self to know which one is the best texting apps on android devices.