Download Root App Delete Apk v 7.2.6 free for Android

Download Root App Delete Apk v 7.2.6 free for Android

Root App Delete Apk | Root app delete is the best tool that you can use for your rooted Android devices. With this app, you can make a improvements of your devices, Root app delete helps you to uninstall or freeze any system apps on your devices easily. If you have an old phones with low memory, it will very helpfull and will be very usefull if you install this app on your phone. You can change and modify your apps, Change system apps, uninstall unnecessary apps, Disable background services process, so it will free up you memory, and you will get more space on your memory to running another apps.

How Root App Delete works?
Root App Delete might use lib file, this app use it to show any apps which never cost any resource until you see recomended apps. Root app delete is also will read phone state and use internet permissions.

Based of users review, Root app delete is much more better than other uninstall tools for android. Different with another uninstall aplications, Root app delet is support rooted phones, if see a similar apps in the Google play store, such as "Uninstaller" both of them is amall, simple and easy uninstall tool, but another apps does not support for rooted phones. But with Root App Delete, you can modify system apps inside your phone that you can not do it with another free apps.

When you want to uninstall any apps from your system, Root app delete will warn you before you take any action, so Root app delete apk is safer than other if you don't understand. Based on all review on the internet, Root app delete apk is useful apps and safe to use. If you want to download the apk file of this tool, you can download Root app deleter apk from the link on that you can find on the bottom of this post.

Root App Delete Apk Features

  • Tiny, simple, easy to running, and fast app
  • Support modify Mode, it means you can change system apps before you uninstall
  • Disable any background system services
  • etc

Download Root App Delete the Latest Version for Android

Package Name: [Play Store]
File Size: 1.2 MB
MD5 File Hash: d71474ef4159b268be8b53254e5dfcf9
Last Fetched: 2015-08-28 19:10:42
Version: 7.2.6 (356)
Download Root App Delete Apk File Directly from Here
Downlad Root app Deleter from Google Play Store

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