Download Wikitude 8.2.2 Apk free for Android

Download Wikitude 8.2.2 Apk free for Android

Wikitude App Apk | Wikitude is an android apps that allows you to see more than your eyes, Wikitude app is a new way to connect with the world. With Wikitude you can use a tool to augmented reality content, campaigns, projects, promotions, games, etc just scan what you see. In Wikitude you can search anything by type on the search box, just type what you are looking for, or type any code which you want to know about.
If you want to download and install Wikitude on your devices you can find the download link on the bottom of this post, you can download the apk file or direct install from the google plya store, I don't use this app because my devices is not compatible, so i don't know what this app is useful enough, what the main features of this app?? if your devices is compatible with this app, and then you can try it yourself, I can't give my feedback here.

Wikitude app can be installed not only on android devices, but also on iOS devices, If you want to install it, Wikitude required Internet connectione, compass, accelerometer, rear facing cam, openGL 2.0+ and your devices must be Android 4.0.

Download Wikitude app V 8.2.2 Apk for Android

Package Name: com.wikitude [Play Store]
File Size: 17.2 MB
QR Code: View
MD5 File Hash: 679c1e3053628c109e708ce753af679d
Last Fetched: 2015-08-07 19:34:54
Version: 0x7f06003c (8220)
Download Wikitude Apk The latest version here
Download Wikitude app directly from Google play store

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