Best Root Android Apps Free

Best Root Android Apps Free

Best Android Root Apps | Why I should my android phone? what is the advantage and what is the disadvantage?? What the best Android root apps should I use??

If you have an android device, maybe you want to root your android devices, with rooting your android devices, you will get some of advantages, such as, you will get the features that you will not get the features without rooting your android devices, But before you root your android, you need an Android root apps that will help you to get root access on your android devices, there are many root android apps around out there, but in this post, I will give recomendation about the best Android root apps that you can use to rooting your android devices.

What is Root?

Root is a proccess to get Administrator access to your Android Devices. When you gain the root acces you can get the cool features that you will not get it before you root your android devices, With root acces, you can add Custom ROM, Cyanogen, Overclock, Downgrade, Upgrade etc. Root means you will get deep to your android system.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Rooting Android

  • Administrator Access : you will get Administrator access and we can tweak the system
  • Delete Bloadware : Bloatware is default apps from the factory that can't be deleted, but with root access, you can delete the Bloatware that you don't want it.
  • Run Any apps that need root : Sometimes, there are apps on the Google play store that if we want to run the app, we need to root our system, so, with rooting you android devices, you can run any rooted android apps on your devices.
  • Install Custom ROMs : you can install any Custom ROMs when you get the root access,
  • Move apps to SDcard : to moving any apps from your memory internal to your SDcard, you need root your android devices, it will save your memory internal and make the android system run faster.

Beside the advantages mention above, there are also disadvantage from rooting your android devices. Here below the list of disadvantage root android
  • Void the Warranty : Its clear, when you root your android, your warranty will be void, Root proccess will unlock all of the features, so the factory will not give any warranty from the devices that was rooted by the users, but don't be worry, with the android root apps, you can root and you also can unroot your android devices.
  • Your devices might be damage : When you root your android, we add any script to the system, install custom roms, if you are not carefull when you do the proccess, your devices might be damage.
  • You will not get Update Firmware from the vendor : When you root your android devices, you will not get update firmware from the factory.
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    Best Android Root Apps

    If still want to root your android devices, You need any of root android apps, there are many of the similar root apps on the internet, there are root apps that need a computer / PC and there are Root apps for android without PC / Computer, but in this post, I will give the best root apps without pc and free to use. Here the Best Android root apps APKGet
    1. Kingroot : Kingroot.apk is the most popular root android apps, there are many users using this apps, most of phone brand can be rooted succesfully with this cool apps, easy to root with just one-tap. you can read the review and download kingroot apk from HERE
    2. Framaroot : Framaroot support most of smartphone brand, easy to get root access with this app, Read more and download the apk file of framaroot here
    3. vRoot aka iRoot : This root android apps is one of the best, you can root your android devices easily. Download Here
    4. Key Root Master : Good review come to this root app, many users get root access successfuly with key root master, if you wanna try this root apps for android, you can download the apk file from this link
    5. RoMasterSU : RoMasterSu is one of the cool root android apps, check it here
    6. Kinguser : you can use king user apps to root your devices, it is like Kingroot but not the same, you can use this app to get root acces easily and simple. Read More Here

    You can try one of the best rood android apps mention above, there are good feedback from each apps, you can try it to prove by yourself. Goodluck, and the last, Root your devices might be void your warranty, so do it by your own risk, this post just give the apps apk, we do not take any responsibility. Thanks you.