[Fixed] Unfortunately Showbox has Stopped - How to

How to fix unfortunately Showbox has Stopped??

Showbox apk is one of the Popular, usefull app. Showbox is an app to watch Movies, TV shows, Music videos and other on your Devices based on Android OS. This app is allow you to stream / watch and download content to your devices.

Showbox has updated to the newer version with bring an awesome user interface. But there are some problem with it, Showbox apk new version have some troubles, one of them is error Messege "Unfortunately Showbox has stopped" on your device. Some users are found this error messege and search for the solution (me too).

I am trying to find a solution on Google. there are many solution on Google Search, but this is how i fix , there are some ways to fix this problem, you can try one of the solution below.

Here we go ...

How to fix Unfortunately Showbox has stopped

Method 1

follow these step carefully

  • Go to Setting > General
  • Tap on "Application Manager" and then
  • swipes left to find "All Aplication or All"
  • You will find all app you've installed on your devices. on the list, search "Showbox" an tap to open the option.
  • And tap on "Clear Cache" and "Clear Data"
  • After that, try to reboot your devices.
  • Done.

Method 2
If the step above doesn't work, try to upgrade / update your Showbox apk. you can get the latest version of Showbox Here. and try to use Lucky Patcher (Some people get fixed with their showbox with this method)

That its, My Showbox get fixed with the first method, if you have another method, you can leave a comment below. if all method i given above don't work, you can try to uninstall your Showbox and install a new one on your android devices.

I hope, my post about how to fix Unfortunately showbox has stopped is usefull.