Download UC Browser Apk 10.4.1 latest, lightweight and fast android browser

Download UC Browser for Android Apk latest 10.4.1, lightweight and fast android browser

UC Browser 10.4.1 is a browser app that released by UC web. current UC browser is one of the popular and widely used browsers. In addition to free, UC browser is very lightweight and fast to use android phone or smart phone.

Such as Internet browsers in general, such as opera mini and google chrome, UC browser also offers a variety of interesting features and can make it easier for users. Adaptable, this feature allows us to set up and adjust based on the browsing type of data connection at the time. This feature is claimed to speed up the process of loading a web page that you open with a data compression system used by UC browser application.

Features UC Browser

UC Browser offers several features and advantages are as follows:
Faster browsing
Modification Add on either add or remove an add-on as needed
Multitasking Download
Features Udisk
Many choices of themes and wallpapers that can be found at UTC (UC Theme Center)

The latest from UC Browser version 10.4.1

In the latest version, UC Browser presents the latest cool features in the browser
The browser is faster, more stable and longer battery life
More efficient when browsing because of the cache system
More powerful in the affairs of the download and support downloadable in multiple formats
Speed ​​Mode which is a feature where browsing faster with less data usage. because of the system compresses web pages into smaller
QR Code Scanner
Use Vollube button to scroll the page
Bookmarks and its PIN another

Developer:UCWeb Inc.
Last updated:February 16, 2015
OS support:Android OS
File size:14.3 MB
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