WWE 2K17 Apk Data + OBB Download for Android

WWE 2K17 Apk Data + OBB Download for Android

Are you a Wrestling lover? if the answer is Yes, maybe this game will suitable with your hobby. WWE 2K17 is a game based on Wrestling that now can be played on Android device. WWE is one of the professional popular game, it was released for any console game such as PS3, PS4 XBox One, and XBox 360. and the developer make the android version, so anyone can play this game anywhere. you just need the Apk file and the Data OBB file to play this game on your android device. in this post you will find the download link.

for you that love to watch WWE on TV, and maybe your childhood was full of play this game, WWE 2K17 is the eighteenth series of this game. There are some of improvement in graphics side etc, you still can find your favourite players such as CM punk, John Cena and many more, the character game made similar to the original cast. the game will look so real. not only in the graphic side, but also WWE 2K17 add some of cool features, check it below ..

  • Fight in the crowd backstage : this features allow the fighter to fight in the crowd and in the backstage, it will be more interesting when we play this game
  • My Career mode : you can play as your self and be a legend in Wrestling WWE, start your career from the bottom and be a superstar.
  • More than 130 Superstar that you can play with, its include all superstar from the WWE history, The legends, in the past, the present superstars and the next generation superstar
  • More than 10 different official OST of WWE 2K17, with the different songs, different genres of soundtrack, it makes the game more interesting

WWE 2K17 Apk Data + OBB File Download

To Play WWE 2K17 on Android device, it is different with XBox or PS version, you must download the apk data of WWE 2K17 and also you should download the OBB file too, these two files is one package, you can not play the game if you do not download the OBB file. How to play WWE 2K17 on Android? follow the instructions below :

Download the Apk File below:
File Name : WWE 2K17 APK.apk
File Size : 25 MB
Download Link :
Apk File : http://userscloud.com/2p1fymvnzu7c
OBB Data : http://play.mob.org/android/fqvYEyIB9Qvuaw5PR5OLpQ/1481037305/wwe_2k/2_wwe_2k.zip (601.4 MB)

After these two file was downloaded to your devices, then you can install the WWE 2K17 Apk , just tap on the file and it will install automatically, if there is a security prompt, just allow it to install from the third party source.  after the installation process is done, open the WWE 2K17 apk data and then extract the OBB files to the right folder.
Enjoy the Game.