Download Greenify Donate 3.0 Apk Final App The Latest Stable version

Download Greenify Donate 2.95 Apk Final App The Latest Stable version

Now, the Android devices is growing very rapidly, not only the progress of the Android version with more features, more functions, and more cool, but also, the Hardware specifications that are used on the new Android devices have increase more significant and very far from the old Android devices earlier. now, The new android devices has a high specification, for example, RAM, internal storage, Camera, processor, battery large capacity and other that make Android devices faster, comfortable, and more cool that meet the needs of Android users.

But, if you still have some older Android devices and you still use it, maybe, you might encounter some problems, such as memory storage is full, the devices feels slow and also other problems. If you face the problem "Devices feel so Slow", maybe you must try the app called Greenify. hmm.. What is Greenify?.

What is Greenify?

Greenify is an app that allow us to speed up our devices, optimize the Android performance, and manage the "running app", so if you have devices with small RAM capacity, old processor, and you feel your android too slow, you can use Greenify to boost your devices speed.

How Greenify work?

Greenify will make some apps to "Hibernate" state, its mean, some applications that work on foreground, will be forced to stop temporarily, and that will work just the main app. All processes on Android unused at that time will also be made to hibernate state. so, RAM's Empty space will become bigger and when you run the application, it will be faster and lighter. of course this will be very helpful on devices that have low RAM capacity.

Greenify have a good rating, and this application has been proven to create more space on RAM capacity, and thus make android devices become faster and get the maximum performance. you can check the feedback of Greenify at Google play store.

Greenify Experimental Features

  • Boost mode - Greenify will patch the Android Framework, when its patched, the apps will allow to going to hibernation state. so this process will speed up your devices.
  • Allow system apps to be greenified in Greenify - Some system apps run in the foreground, with Greenify it will be turn to Hibernate state by patching the Android framework, but there is something that you be aware about to hibernate the system apps, because, when you hibernate system apps, you will lose some part of usability. you must know the basic function each system apps, if something bad happen while you hibernate system app, then you should degreenify and reboot your devices.
  • Allow GCM push message to wake hibernated apps - GCM or Google Cloud Message is a Google service that allow the system to get any messages, for some apps which used GCM as push message service, Greenify will allow it to push message while the apps in hibernate mode. But there is one thing that you should know, that not all apps uses GCM as ther push message services
  • Keep notifications after hibernation - this features allow to user to still get the notifications from any apps. Greenify will keep it and will not remove it while the app in hibernate mode.
  • Wake-up Tracker 
  • Block App State Abuse
  • and more

How to Install Greenify

  1. Before install, make sure there is no other version of Greenify,  If you have installed Greenify old version on your devices, remove it first.
  2. Install Greenify you can download the file by follow the link below
  3. Install Xposed Installer and launch Xposed Installer, after it, you will be able to see "Framework" and "Modules" Tab, go to "Modules" tab , check Greenify moduls
  4. Then tap on the Framework tab and then pres Install/Update
  5. You need to reboot your devices before you can use Greenify


You need ROOT Permissions
You should install Xposed on your devices
Android 4.2+

Download Greenify
Greenify 3.0
Greenify 2.9
Greenify 2.95

Donation Package, download from Play store

What's New?
* Aggressive Doze is now compatible with Android 7. (including non-root mode)
* Auto-hibernation in non-root mode is now compatible with secured key-guard.
* New "Alternative Screen Off" setting to preserve fingerprint unlock and Smart Lock.
* New Tasker plug-ins for toggling Auto-Hibernation and Aggressive Doze.
* Wake-up cut-off now works on Android 7 (root).
* Improved the overall stability and smoothness of non-root auto-hibernation.
* Improved GCM Wake-up (Xposed) for some misbehaving apps.