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Download 8Manga Apk 4.0 - Best Manga Reader for android

What is Manga? Manga are japanesse comics, or comics that are created by creators in japan, Manga means a word use to refer to both comics and cartooning. There are a huge collection of Manga since 19th century until now, you will find good Manga with good story. In Japan, people of all ages read Manga. Children, teenage, and 4dults, they love Manga. There are many choice that you can choose based genre that you like, for example, Action-adventure manga, Business manga, Comedy Manga, Detective Manga, Historical Manga, Horror Manga, Mistery Manga, Romance Manga, Fantasy Manga, 4dults Manga, Sports Manga and many more. all of them offer an interesting thing to read, and each genre has one of popular manga. Not only in japanese language, manga is also translated to many language in the world, because there are a huge fans of manga around the world.

If you are a Manga Lovers, it will be good news when you can read any manga from your Android devices. you can read your favorite manga series, and follow up the chapter easily from your devices. there is an app that you can use to read manga from your Android freely. It is called 8Manga. What is 8Manga app ?

What is 8Manga Apk

8Manga Apk  is an app that provide all Manga chapter that was translated to English and can be accessed from Android devices and iOS devices. Just like any Manga on the website, this app is also up to date, it will update the new chapter of manga. So you will always get the new chapter everyday. Now with 8Manga app you can browse, search and read manga directly from your mobile devices or Smart phone devices. you can read the manga online, or you can download the manga to your devices and read it later, this app is always need internet connection, this app work like we browse or read manga from the browser. Not only that 8Manga has a good user interface, it will be easy to navigate to the manga that you love so much, you can browse by hot-Manga, latest, manga, or you also can search manga by genre or alphabet from the navigation menu. 8Manga is also support gestures, so you can going to the next page, zoom in, zoom out easily. If you are really Manga lover, you must try this one, you will find some of popular Manga such as, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, D-Gray Junior, D-Grayman, Death Note, Detectif Conan, NANA, Hunter X Hunter and many more.

8Manga Apk features

  1. 8Manga has a good navigation, list of manga by genre, A-Z, Hot Manga, Completed Manga, Latest Update, etc
  2. 8Manga provide Daily update of Manga, so if there are a new chapter of Manga, 8Manga will update it soon.
  3. 8Manga provide HD image scan quality pictures
  4. Bookmark features that will help you to bookmark your favorite Chapter/Manga
  5. You can download Manga to your devices and read it in Offline mode.
  6. Enable chace on next page
  7. 8Manga app will give you the recent manga you've visited
  8. Night Vision mode to reduce the light when you are reading at night
  9. Pinch to zoom the page so easy
  10. and many more

Download 8Manga Apk

File Name : 8manga_app_4.0_(160601).apk
File Size         : 4.991MB
Current Version       : v 4.0
Download Link : http://userscloud.com/qioib06yk3zf

8Manga app apk is an app that allow you to read Manga directly from your Android or iOS devices, for manga lovers, you must try this cool app. Just download 8Manga app, install it on your devices, and enjoy it.