Review & Download FreeStore v3 Apk | Does it work or not working?

Review & Download FreeStore v3 Apk | Does it work or not working?

FreeStore v3 apk, Yesterday I was so curious about this app, There are users use freestore and its work, but I get many message that the Free Store Apk did not working. So I decide to try it by myself. 

FreeStore is an apps that allows you to install any free and paid apps from the Google Play Store freely. You can download any paid apps at no cost. When you use this app, it will directly download the file apk.

First, I try to using the FreeStore 2.9.0 Apk, you can download it from here, After the installation process is done, I open the free store and I get the instruction "How to use the app" ,

 and then I follow the instruction to install one of paid apps on the Google Play store, But when I want to download it, I get error message "Sorry, This app is currently unavailable". 

Try another paid apps and some of free apps, I get the same error messages, So it does not work anymore (for me). If you wanna try it by your self, the Free store apk download link can be find at here.

FreeStore v3 Apk | Does it work or not working?


It still does not answer my problems, I try to find another Free store, I hope it will work, I get the Free Store V3 from the Dev Osama HQ, you can download Free Store v3 apk at the link provided on the bottom of this post. Just like usually, I install Free Store v3 on my Android, I get a new Interface, something different with Free Store 2.9.0, You can see the Pictures below. 

There are some navigation that you can see, you can see a list of apps, list of games, list of themes, list of latest apps and other. But I can not find the instruction, so I just try with the same method on the Free store 2.9.0, But when download process begin, it just make a folder at the /storage/emulated/0/FreeStore/xxx 

, there is no downloaded content on it, I think it is a bug, But when I try to install any apps from the available list, it just work perfectly. Yes, I was download a paid games on the Google Play, "Minecraft : Pocket Edition" , And it was installed on my phone freely via Free Store V3. 

Download Free Store V3 Apk Directly from Here (1.3MB)

So the conclusion is, I think There is a serious bug on this app, I hope the developer fix this soon.