List Root Apps Apk Free Download for Android 2015

List Root Apps Apk Free Download for Android 2015

Root Apps Apk | Do you have an android phone?? Do you want to get root access of your android devices? but you don't know what root apps is the best? what is the best 1-click root android apk?? There are so many root apps that offer 1-click root apk on the internet, if you feel confuse, I write this post, so you can read my review about root app for android.
list root apps apk free download for android 2015

I have list root apps apk that you can use to root your android devices with OS gingerbread, jelly bean, kitkat and lollipop. There are similar apps for rooting android, the root app with wide-range brand and phone models, wide range supported Android OS, 1-click root procces, etc.

But in this post, I started by listing the best 1-Click rood android application and best root without PC, this listing is just in my opinion, If you have another opinion, just tell me by leave a comment below.

== List Root Apps Apk ==


Kingroot Apk

Kingroot is one of the best root apps that I ever use to root Android devices, the One-Click feature is make this tool very easy to use. Almost devices can be rooted with king root apk, sometimes, I can root my devices with Android 5 Lollipop with Kingroot apk successfully. There are two options to using Kingroot, you can use directly from your devices or you can root your Android devices via Kingroot for PC,  Kingroot apk the latest version was v 4.50 _C120_B220 updated  September 02, 2015. Kingroot is also support 2 language,  you can install the Chinesse version or choose the Kingroot English Version. Read More about Kingroot Apk Here

iRoot Apk

iRoot is my first root apps for my android devices, iRoot be my choice for rooting my android, it support for rooting with PC or withour a computer, iRoot support with wide range phone brands such as Samsung, Gionee, Sony, etc. iRoot have a High Success rate with more than 90%, it is also use the advanced android root engine with secure technique, so you don't need to worry. iRoot is also support for more than 150.000 android devices with Android OS 2.2 - 4.4 KitKat. When you use iRoot apk, you don't need to worry, because this root app is easy android root app with one click root or unroot. The Latest version of iRoot is v 2.2.1, that was updated on May 15, 2015. The new version improved the stability and fix aome bugs. Read More about iRoot Apk

Kingo Root Apk

KingoRoot is another root app that developed by KingoSoft Technology Ltd / Kingoapp. This tool become another popular and one of the best one click root app for android. This app is free to download and free to use, and free to download. Just unlike the two mention above, KingoRoot was developed in English, so it will be easy to understanding to use this app. KingoRoot is also support with wide range phone brand, manufacturers and support for android Os 2.2 +. KingoRoot bring with many useful features, the best thing from this app is Ads free. When you choose this tool for rooting your app, you just need a few simple steps to get root access. Read more about KingoRoot apk The Latest Version Here.

360 Root Apk

360 Root apk is another simple root apk with one-click feature. with this tool, you can get root permission of any android devices such as smartphone and tablet. you can root your devices easily. The good thing about this tool is 360 root support many phone brands with wide range supported devices lists, 360 root apk has a good performa. but there is one thing that it will be more difficult to understand, 360 root bring out with Chinesse. The Latest version of 360 root apk is v 7.0.1, if you are interested to using this tool, you can read more about 360 root here.

Framaroot Apk

Framaroot is other app/tool to root android devices without PC. the unique part of this tool that Framaroot use nameof the heroes of the book "The Lord of The Rings" such as Gandalf, Boromir, Pippin, Legolas etc, each hero support exploits from several devices. Framaroot support many devices manufactures, such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Asus, Huawei, Lenovo etc and this tool is also support for Android v 2.x - 4.x. The latest version of Framaroot is v 1.93. You can read more about Framaroot Apk Here

Baidu Root Apk

Baidu Root is a light-weight apps to get root permission of your android devices. There are two options that you can select Baidu Root Chinesse version or Baidu Root English Version. There are more than 6000 devices models that supported by Baidu Root, Baidu root is also support for Android 2 - 4.x . This tool is also bring with good and useful featues. you can get root permission directly from your Android devices or you can do it via your PC. Read more about Baidu Root Apk Here

There are many more Root app that you can use to get root permission of your devices, its all have a good and usefull features and easy with few step to use.
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List of Root app that you can use on your devices, just hope it will good thing for you, If you know another root app apk, please tell us by leave a comment below. I will write a review for it, Thanks very much.

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