Download Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile apk v 1.6.5716.31680 free for Android

Download Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile apk v 1.6.5716.31680 free for Android

Microsoft Hyperlapse for Mobile is an app that allows you to creates smooth videos and stabilized timelapses from any shaky videos.

Time-lapse is a technique in the cinematography which capture film frames frequencily and it be used to play the sequence back. And when you play the sequence at normal speed, you will see the video that look likes time move faster and lapsing. In the simple word, time-lapse is manipulating time. everything can be viewed to completion in seconds.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile Apps for Android allows you to do time-lapse on your Android devices with simple steps. with this apps, you can make a short videos that good to watch, such as when you want to make a video about your weekend, ski, fly down the mountain, etc with Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile Apps apk, you can time lapse your videos, and then, it will be easily consumable, enjoyable experiences.

If you want to download Microsoft Hyperlapse Apps for android, you can download the apps apk file from the end of this post, and then you can install it to your android devices and start to make any good time lapse videos. But before it, you can read the features about Microsoft Hyperlapse first. check it below.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile Apps Features

  • Instant Gratification : When you want to this app to make a video, Just capture the video and you will see the hyperlapse. Very simple to make it.
  • Import existing video : Microsoft Hyperlapse allows you to import videos that you have been captured. you can create a hyperlapse of any video on your phone.
  • Multiple speed : with this app you can hyperlapse any video multiple times, you can create hyperlapse with different speed rates, 1x to 32x times
  • Selfie lapses : This years is Selfie Age, everybody love to selfie with their devices and share it to friends, Microsoft Hyperlapse allows you to create selfie lapse video.
  • Share button : This features will be ease you to share with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Let your friends to see your lapses videos.

But to install Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, your android must be Android 4.4 or higher, if your devices is lower than Android 4.4 Kitkat, you will not get to use this app.

Download Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile The Latest Version

Package Name: [Play Store]
File Size: 15.2 MB
MD5 File Hash: 613589d8de038d74fe474b7e97a4e40c
Last Fetched: 2015-08-28 09:35:27
Version: 1.6.5716.31680 (571631680)
Download Microsoft Hyperlapse The APK file Directly from Here
Download Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile apps from Google Play Store

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