Download Google Play Services v 7.8.93 (2104405-010)

Download Google Play Services v 7.8.93 (2104405-010)

Google Play Services is an Android component that be used to update any Google apps and games from Google play. Google play services is a component that provides core functionality, for example, Google play services doing some task such as Synchronized contacts, Access to all the latest user privacy sedtting, and higher quality, lower powered location based services. With google play services your devices also will get speeds up when you search offline, you will get more immersive maps, and when you play any game, you will get more improves gaming experiences. 

Google Play Services is core component and very important component on Android, if remove it from your devices, your apps you've installed on your devices may not work, and you will not using your devices.

What's New in Google Play Services v 7.8.93 (2104405-010)

- Maps API v2 for Android Wear
- Wear API improvements, including Channel API for bidirectional data transfer between devices
- Fit API improvements, including new API for reading aggregated daily totals
- Location API improvements, including parameter for setting max wait time
- Places API improvements, including ability to retrieve attributions

Download Google Play Services The lates Version

Package Name: [Play Store]
File Size: 37.8 MB
MD5 File Hash: 95eb98eb9e7bfddba534318377967688
Last Fetched: 2015-07-11 06:52:38
Direct Download Google Play Service from Here

Old Version:
Google Play Services 7.3.29-1866531-034 Here
Google Play Service v 7.5.71 Here
Download Google Play Service from Google Play Store

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