Download Fastest Video Downloader v 1.3.7 Apk for Android

Download Fastest Video Downloader v 1.3.7 Apk for Android

Fastest Video Downloader v 1.3.7 apk is a video downloaders for android and this app claim can Download videos from internet up to 500% faster than if you use other video downloaders on the Google play store.

How to use Fastest Video Downloader

  1. When you play any video on your devices there are to possibility :
  2. If there's a Download Button, You just need to tap on the button to download and download will start.
  3. If there's no Download Button, but an embedded Video Player is present, follow the steps below :
  4. Wait until the page is fully loaded
  5. Play the Video by tap on the play button, then you should see a red download icon at the top, The video will extracted from the player and you could download it. But if it fail, try to re play by pause and resume it until video extracted, If it still fail, Its mean the video can not be download.

Fastest Video Downloader Features :

  • Fastest Video downloader support integrated with web browser
  • Pause / Resume / Remove button file manager
  • Connection lost handling capabilities
  • Easy to use, easy video access
  • Support ext browser app
  • You can change the file name before it started, Bug fixes, Added space left on Ext Memory
  • Free , you are no need to make any payments.

Download Fasters Video Downloader Apk v 1.3.7

If you are interested to using and install Fastest Video Downloader apk, you can download it by follow the link below :
Fasters Video Downloader 1.3.7 here

Developer : Buggs2k software
System Requirements : Android 2.2 or higher
File Name : fastest_video_downloader_1.3.7_.apk
File Size : 2.8 MB