Download Facebook Messenger v Apk The Latest Version for Android

Download Facebook Messenger v Apk The Latest Version for Android

Facebook is the most popular social network where millions of users using facebook to interact with each other to share any moment, foto, video, and all their life events to other. Facebook helps many people in finding their old friends, class mates, neighbors, who were lost for a long time. This app help people to stay in touch with their loved ones.

According to a post published at TechCrunch 2013, The facebook users who using mobile devices such as Android phone or tablet was counted more than 387 million. And The Facebook Messenger users were counted more than 56 million world wide. The number of Facebook messenger on the mobile devices are increasing massively.

Facebook Messenger is an Official App apl that was released by Facebook Inc. Facebook Messenger allows you to send and receive instant messeges [chat messeges] throught your mobile devices. You can send messeges to your loved ones and your friend list on facebook with using this app. There are some good features from Facebook Messenger Apk which bring instant messaging on your smartphone and tablet.

Facebook Messenger Apk Features

  • 100% Free : You no need to pay anything for using this app. Just download and install to your devices and enjoy it.
  • Quick and Easy :  You can send and receive a messeges from your friend on facebook directly through your Smartphone or Android Devices.
  • Reliable, secure and fast : With this app, you can chat with other faster.
  • Group Chats : Facebook Messenger app apk support group chat, you can create any group or join to other groups
  • Private chats : Facebook Messenger allows you to make a private chats
  • Share photos and Videos : With This app you can share your photos and videos to your friend list
  • Voice messeges : Facebook Messenger allows you to send voice messeges just tap the mic icon to use this features.
  • Sticker and Emoticons : You can send any sticker or emoticon which you like to your friend to express what you feel.
  • Free voice calls : this messenger is allows you to make a voice calls, it is like a whatsapp's new features
  • Delivery and Read Status : If you send a messeges to your friend, there are a status that give you a notice
  • Share Locations : Facebook Messenger allows you to  share your location to your friend easily.
  • Active in backgroud : Facebook Messenger will running the proccess on the background, if you have a new messeges, this app will show a notification on your screen
  • Light-weight : This app will not put any burden on your Android devices.

You can download and install Facebook Messenger on any platfroms such as Android and iOS. you will need authentication with your FB account to get your friend list . Not only send a text messeges, now, Facebook messengers allows you to send voice messeges, sticker and emoticon to your friend and your family. If you have an smartphone based on Android OS, you can download facebook messenger apk from the link below.

Download Facebook Messenger Apk for Android

you can download and install facebook messenger apk the latest version for android from the link provided below.

Download Facebook Messenger apk v here
Download Facebook Messenger Directly from Google Play Store

Package Name: com.facebook.orca [Play Store]
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