Showbox Error "Video Not Available" On Android [Fix]

How to fix "Video Not Available" Error Showbox on Android?

Do you have Showbox app in your Android devices? Do you Showbox users?? Yes, Showbox is a great app to watch your favourite movies or TV shows. with showbox you can download the content too. But there is some issue that when you use showbox you found an error messege that video is not available. But don't worry, there are some methot to fix this error messege.

How to fix "Video Not Available" Error Showbox on Android?

MX Player is required by the previous version of Showbox. You need to update the app to get the video on showbox. But if you still have a problem wiht showbox that your video is not availbale, you can try some step i given below.

  • First, Download and install Showbox the latest version. You can get all version Here.
  • Open the app like usually, if you have some problem like "Unfortunately Showbox has stopped" you can fix it first by follow this link.
  • OK, I assume there is no problem with your showbox, and then just open your Showbox in your android devices, just tap to open it.
  • Search a movie you want to watch and just tap it. You will find option to WATCH NOW
  • But, if your movie /video doesn't available, try to find server option and then try to Switch to another server (Server 2 or Server 1)
  • Done, Your movie will start loading now.

Now, you can watch your movie.
But if you still have a problem, try to use "lucky patcher" to fix this problem, someone had try it , and it work, the showbox error is fixed.

I hope your showbox error "Video not available on your android get fixed. Leave the comment if you still have a problem. Thanks