Download Xposed Installer Apk 2.7.1 Experimental (Need Root Android)

Download Xposed Installer Apk 2.7.1 Experimental (Need Root Android)

Xposed Installer Apk | What is Xposed Installer ?? Xposed is a framework for modules, with this framework you can change the system and apps without touching any apks. If you want to use Xposed Installer, you need root access, so you must root your devices firstly, to root your devices you can use Kingroot Apk or another Root apps, you can find it on this blog. Download Kingrooot here

Xposed Installer can be used for various purposes. such as : edit any apps, modify apps without touch apk file, modify ROMs etc. Xposed installer has great functions, with Xposed, modules can work for different versions. When you use Xposed installer and modify any apps , you can undo the changes easily, Just deactivate the module and then reboot your devices, your system will be back to the original, as all changes were saved in the Memory.

Xposed is very powerfull for developer, you can change the parameters for the method call, modify value, adding resources etc. There are some advantages by using Xposed Installer.

Xposed Installer Advantages:

  • Repository : you will get many popular moduls that you can get it in Xposed repository
  • Open Source : Xposed Installer is an open sources project, it is free to use
  • Easy to use : when you use xposed to add, modify, edit any framework, it can be deactivate easily without having to reflash your devices
  • No need to modify any APKs file
  • etc

How to Use Xposed Installer Framework

  • Before you install Xposed Installer on your devices, It is very highly recomended for you to backup your system firstly, and make sure you know how to restore the backup, if you don't, learn it before you do anything :D :D :D. The risk by using Xposed Installer , it might cause soft-brick your devices but you can recover it.
  • Second steps, Download the Xposed Installer Apk from the link provided below, you can find download link on the bottom of this post.
  • Install Xposed Installer on your devices and then launch it, you will see "Framework" tab and tap on "Install/Update", just like the picture below
  • Reboot your devices and you've installed Xposed Installer successfully

after installation, now you can start to install any modules to your system, you can get the modules from the Xposed Repository, just go to the "Modules" and check the modules that you want to install ,

 and then reboot your devices. Xposed installer allows you to install multiple modules at once reboot.

Download Xposed Installer apk

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File Size : 770 KB
Current Version : 2.7 experimental1
Last Updated June 19, 2014
Download Xposed Installer Apk Directly from Here

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