Download RAM Manager Apk 7.5.1 | RAM Optimization Free for Android

Download RAM Manager Apk 7.5.1 | RAM Optimization Free for Android

RAM Manager Apk | RAM Manager is a tool on Android devices that need Root Access to run this app, RAM Manager will optimize you RAM, it will manage between your Free space memory and the running apps, RAM Manager can be installed and work on almost all Android devices. With this app your devices performa will increase in speed, So you can run any apps smoothly and when you run any apps, this app will reduces lags.

If you face the problem with your RAM / memory space, RAM Manager Apk will be the best solution for you. you will not get lag when you are doing multitasking, no slow swap when you run any apps anymore. RAM Manager will improve your devices performance, boost your speed simply.

RAM Manager Apk Features

  • Balance mode : You can use this fo everyday use, RAM Manager Apk will optimizes your ram with the best balance, so your devices will run faster.
  • More Free memory mode : This mode will give more free memory to reduces multitasking activity, so you can run multitasking smoothly
  • Hard Gaming mode : This mode allows you to run any game smoothly without any lags, RAM Manager will optimize your RAM before you run any games.
  • Default Mode : restore your RAM to the default setting before you use RAM Manager apps
  • Custom Mode : set your RAM as you need by your own settings
  • Clean your memory and page cache
  • Swap file : this features allows you to improve devices performance by enlarging the memory of your devices
  • RAM info : RAM Manager will show you about your memory information, memory usage etc, you it will help you to manage your memory
  • etc

Download RAM Manager apk The Latest version

Package Name: com.smartprojects.RAMOptimizationFree [Play Store]
File Size: 2.5 MB
MD5 File Hash: d472e35f8fc2dc6778e26d2bed0f76ad
Last Fetched: 2015-09-30 23:03:18
Version: 7.5.1 (69)
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Download RAM Manager Pro 7.3.0 Android APK (1.4 MB)
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