Download Apk Studio 3.0.0-b5-x86 for Windows | Complle Apk Files on PC

Download Apk Studio 3.0.0-b5-x86 for Windows | Complle Apk Files on PC

Apk Studio is an application or tool that can be used to edit any Apk file even you don't have the source code. If you have interest about develope any apps, modding any apps and ROMs this tool very helpfull to you. Apk studio will bring back android apk app packages into source code, include binary files. But Decompile process may even fail to crack some of the nuts.

Apk Studio is a free software and this is an open source, it might allows you to decompile apk file , edit them and than recompile it. Apk Studio equipped with all necessary tools, like text editor etc. But to using Apk Studio, you need to know some of technical knowledge to do decompile or recomplie apk file.

Apk Studio is not only for Windows Operating system, but also there are Apk Studio for Linux users. There are some useful features of Apk Studio, You might read it first before you download Apk Studio and start to using it.

Apk Studio Features

  • Apk Studio can view any source code of apps apk file and view the resource from the apps apk that you want to compile.
  • After you can view the source and resources code, then you can edit them.
  • you can also modify any value an apk file
  • Apk studio is also be used to analyzing apks for security reasons, with this application you can check it from the suspicious code.
  • With this tool you can Add more features into any apps
  • Debugging an apps


Download Apk Studio for Windows

File Name : apkstudio-3.0.0-b5-x86.exe
File Size : 12 MB
By : vaibhavpandeyvpz
Release Date : Okt 16, 2015
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Download Apk Studio  for Windows Android APK Files for Free