Download Root Check Apk v 5.6.1 Last Version

Download Root Check Apk v 5.6.1 Last Version

Root Check Apk | Root check is a tool that you can find on Google Play store to verify superuser access/  root acces on your Android devices. Root check Basic apk support mor than 10 million Android devices and this app can be use freely, This tool is easy to use and it is fast when check root access of your devices. With the simple method to check root, you will get verify that your devices was rooted or not.

Root Check apk is also have a simple and clean user interface, because the new version use Material design. You will be easily notifies root access.

Root Check apk has a high succes ratio when it check su binary of your devices.

How Root Check Apk Works??

Root Check apk will test the device for root access with a simple method, it will check the Su Binary , Su binary is the binary that be used to grant and manage root access any deivces. The Root Check will check the file quickly and with reliable method. And when the Check procces is done, you will get notices about the root status of your devices. 

How to use Root Check Apk ??

  • First, You need to download Root Checker Basic, you can download the apk file or install directly from google play store. At this post, I provide the download link just for you :D
  • When the root check installed on your devices, launch Root checker basic and you will get your device Id.
  • Tap on the "Verify Root", you can see the picture below.
  • If your devices was rooted, you will see the notice like this " Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this devices!"
  • If your devices is not rooted yet, you can root your devices using Root Apps, 5 Best Root Apps for Android
  • done

Download Root Check Apk the Latest Version

Package Name: com.joeykrim.rootcheck [Play Store]
File Size: 3.5 MB
MD5 File Hash: 7c9f39a985516fb6bc607a3e7cd8ad4f
Last Fetched: 2015-10-02 23:00:42
Version: 5.6.1 (103)
Download Root Check Apk Directly from Here
Download Root Check Basic 5.4.5 Android APK Files for Free (4.4 MB)
Download Root Checker Basic from Google Play Store

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